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IntelliPoint International LLC was formed as a partnership between Investigative Consultants, Inc. and Shenandoah Consultants, Inc. to exploit opportunities presented by Section 326, the identity verification requirements of the US Patriot Act, the Know Your Customer (KYC) Directive of the European Union and various regulatory issues such as the Voluntary Hot IPO Allocation Agreement. Investigative Consultants and Shenandoah have worked together since 1996 on a variety of investigative problems worldwide.

IntelliPoint is represented by and has a strategic relationship with the Washington D.C. law firm Patton Boggs LLP. Highly regarded in the area of public policy and regulatory law, Patton Boggs advises IntelliPoint on all of its regulatory compliance solutions.

IntelliPoint has access to over 14,000 public, private and proprietary databases worldwide. We create our products from these databases.

Our clients come to us with complex intelligence and investigative problems. We return with simple solutions.

Brief Background on The Principals

Donald M. Berlin: A pioneer in the computerized online database investigations industry, Mr. Berlin has experience in intelligence gathering and analysis, investigation methodology, computer sciences, and law firm administration. He founded Investigative Consultants, Inc. in 1978. Investigative Consultants is distinguished by its ability to aggregate data from disparate sources into a single full search web-based platform. In his work for large companies and international law firms, he has used regional database programs and other custom designed solutions to develop programs dealing with difficult multi-district litigation problems, mass tort and complex class action cases. If you wish to write a note to Mr. Berlin, please email him at dberlin@intellipointinternational.com.

William S. Lofgren: Mr. Lofgren served 29 years in the clandestine service of the Central Intelligence Agency. He headed CIA operations in four of the eight countries in which he was stationed abroad. From 1993-1996, he was responsible for all CIA operations in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Following his retirement in 1996, he founded Shenandoah Consultants. He counts among his clients U.S. and foreign companies, international law firms and foreign governments. If you wish to write a note to Mr. Lofgren, please email him at wlofgren@intellipointinternational.com.


Washington DC Private Investigators Agency License: 0439
Washington DC Private Investigators Personal License: 02530
State of Wisconsin Private Investigator's License: 8525-063
State of Wisconsin Private Investigators Agency License: 15142

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